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Video: Depend - Protective Underwear for Men

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Depend - Protective Underwear for Men

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[MUSIC PLAYING] No pilot would fly without a checklist. Neither should you. Nearly four million men are affected by urinary incontinence. And something as simple and routine as a checklist can help assure your day runs smoothly. It's all about proper preparation, PREP for short. Here's some tips from Depend to help you start your day with confidence. Depend offers underwear specifically designed for men and are optimal if you experience more leakage. They look and fit like regular underwear and come in either gray or a variety pack of colors to choose from. You pull them on, pull them off. They're comfortable. You're confident. Available in two sizes small/medium, and large/extra large and maximum absorbency for ultimate protection. R-- right size, right fit, one of the most important components to achieving optimum performance. Start with your waist measurement to determine the right size. If you're still unsure, request a free sample from You'll be able to gauge your own right size and right fit in the comfort of your own home before you purchase a full package. All Depend products are designed to capture, absorb, and neutralize odor, giving you one less thing to check of your list. This leads us to number 3, E-- eating healthy to stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise can be key to reducing the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Did you know that foods like citrus and tomato-based products, coffee, tea, carbonated beverages and alcohol, chocolate, and spicy cuisine are some of the top trigger foods for bladder irritation. Drinking at least six to seven 8 ounce glasses of water a day keeps urine from concentrating. Make sure you pack what you need. You could use a briefcase or carry on or a backpack like this. And always carry some plastic bags for discrete disposal and a few changes of the Depend product you use. 4, P-- plan your route. Factor in location, duration, and where the bathrooms are located in places you visit frequently. Follow a schedule. Your prostate health is important. And every man age 50 and over should be screened annually. So PREP, P-- pick your style, R-- right size, right fit, E-- eat healthy to be healthy, P-- plan your route and prostate health. Remember, you're the one in control. You chart your own course. Check. The cabin is secure. Great. All clear for take off? Roger that. Let's fly. [AIRPLANE ENGINE]

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