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Video: Reebok® Challenger 150 Treadmill

Reebok® Challenger 150 Treadmill » Exercise - Video Gallery
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Reebok® Challenger 150 Treadmill

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Reebok® Challenger 150 Treadmill


Reebok® Challenger 150 Treadmill

Rediscover a powerful workout with the Reebok Challenger 150 Treadmill. Target your hips, quads, and gluts with 10% incline. QuickStep controls give you the power to reshape your body so you get real results. Personalize your workout with 16 different workout apps, plus the included iFit weight loss card offers eight weeks of progressive coaching so you can redefine your training. Move to the beat of your favorite power music with a compatible music port for iPod. Adrenaline pumping beats will help you remotivate your workout. Get the Reebok Challenger 150 Treadmill and rediscover an incredible workout. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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