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Video: Jillian Michaels Ultimate BodyShop

Jillian Michaels Ultimate BodyShop » Exercise - Video Gallery
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Jillian Michaels Ultimate BodyShop

Length: 1:03 Added: Jan-11 Views: 15285

Jillian Michaels Ultimate BodyShop


Jillian Michaels Ultimate BodyShop

[ROCK MUSIC PLAYS] Get ready to tone muscle and lose weight with the Jillian Michaels ultimate body shop. You'll get a total body workout with exercise that target your arms your shoulders, your back, abs, thighs, and even your calves. The body shop takes your body weight and turns it into natural resistance for every workout. And it's easy to increase your workout from beginner to an advanced level by adding one of the quick adjust resistance bags. Plus, with iFit workout card technology, Jillian Michaels coaches you throughout your workout. Simply plug in the included workout card into the interactive console, Jillian will help you reach your goals in only eight weeks. For extra motivation, watch the include instructional DVD that features Jillian Michaels. She'll whip you into shape in no time. So if you're looking for a quick workout that will tone muscle and help you drop those extra pounds, try the Jillian Michaels ultimate body shop. Order today.

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