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Video: Kirkland Signature Green Tea

Kirkland Signature Green Tea - Video Gallery
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Kirkland Signature Green Tea

Length: 1:28 Added: Feb-6 Views: 4842

Kirkland Signature Green Tea


Kirkland Signature Green Tea

I'm Claude Green, buyer for Costco Wholesale, and I would like to tell you about the Kirkland Signature natural brewed green tea. We recently launched Kirkland Signature natural brewed green tea. This Kirkland Signature item is a shared brand with Ito En. They are the leading brand in Japan, and the name recognition is an important part of communicating the quality of this item. Ito En's tea-making expertise has a legacy that dates back over 40 years. Our Kirkland Signature all-natural premium green is a thirst-quenching, authentically brewed tea, as if you brewed it in your home. Great for entertaining with three flavors, lemon, peach, and apple, lightly sweetened with low caffeine. Green tea is high in antioxidants, making this a healthy alternative beverage. Kirkland Signature premium green tea is made from high quality, real brewed whole tea leaves, steeped in large pots and bottled with small amounts of natural flavor and cane sugar that delivers an all-natural beverage with 50 calories per serving or 100 calories per 16.9 ounce bottle. The process of brewing hot tea allows the tea to be bottled in a sterile environment. It is preserved naturally. We have it in convenient, on-the-go, recyclable plastic bottles for the active and busy lifestyle. It is a 15-count case pack containing five bottles of each of the three flavors. I'm Claude Green, and the Kirkland Signature natural brewed green tea is available at your local Costco.

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