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Video: Advantages of Gamma Seals

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Advantages of Gamma Seals

Length: 2:30 Added: Feb-20 Views: 52069

Advantages of Gamma Seals: watch this video featuring products available on


Advantages of Gamma Seals: watch this video featuring products available on

Hi, I'm Seth with Shelf Reliance, and today I'd like to show you some of the features of our new Thrive six gallon Gamma Buckets, and what makes them unique compared to other buckets out there. Now I've got a bucket that has a standard lid. Before we started this video, I actually took the seal tab off which can be difficult at times to do. And when you open a standard bucket, you have to use a bucket wrench and go through and pop it off using that wrench to get the lid off. And then you can access the product inside. Now what makes this difficult is that over time, if you're continuously opening up your bucket to access food, eventually this lid's gonna get chewed up. And at that point, the seal on the lid isn't as reliable as you'd think. And you might not be getting the most maximum shelf life out of your product, once the product's been opened. Now with the Shelf Reliance bucket, we've added the Gamma Seal. The Gamma Seal is very simple. What makes it unique, number one is, it's made out of a very heavy-duty plastic that has special gaskets that really tighten down and seal the bucket once you've opened it and closed it, repeatedly. All it takes for this is certainly not a tool, but just a quick twist of the wrist and it screws right off. And then you're able to open it up and access our product, which is additionally protected from air and moisture with our heavy-duty Mylar pouch. You can then access the product. Close the Mylar pouch back up. Just twist that lid right back on with a little extra twist. And now what you have is peace of mind knowing that you have the products sealed and protected to the maximum level. Knowing that moisture and air can't penetrate it. And you'll get the best shelf life with our Gamma Seal bucket. And you won't have to use these tools any more. With Thrive Foods and the Gamma lid, there's no better value out there in storing your long-term food storage. Thanks for choosing Shelf Reliance.