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Video: Madrid Gazebo

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Madrid Gazebo

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Madrid 10' x 13' Gazebo


Madrid 10' x 13' Gazebo

Rain or shine, enjoy the moment under the Madrid Hardtop Gazebo. Whether it's to take shelter from the summer sun, place over your hot tub, or to have a candlelight evening with friends, this attractive outdoor structure accomplishes all of this. The Madrid Gazebo's 150 square feet of covered space is like adding another room or living space to your home. The Madrid's decorative triangular post and roof framework are both aluminum. And both are powder coated in a dark gray finish to resist corrosion and rust, and to complement any backyard decor. The roof has rain controlled channels and is made up of rigid, double walled, tinted, UV 4 millimeter polycarbonate panels for added strength. These translucent black panels allow the sun's light to filter through creating an artistic glow above. The canopy top section is an added design element made for wind escapement. Made with low maintenance materials, assembly of the gazebo is relatively simple. It comes with an anchoring kit if you'd like to place it on your lawn, and pre-drilled holes and hardware if you want to bolt it to your deck or concrete slab. It's possible to assemble the gazebo in the afternoon and then dine under it at night. Enjoy life more. Purchase the Madrid Gazebo today. [MUSIC PLAYING]