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Video: Valencia Soft Top Gazebo

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Valencia Soft Top Gazebo

Length: 1:27 Added: Mar-20 Views: 23344

Valencia Soft Top Gazebo: watch this video featuring products available on


Valencia Soft Top Gazebo: watch this video featuring products available on

Enjoy candlelight dinners outside, add a cover to your hot tub, or just take a break from the summer sun with the handsome Valencia Gazebo. The Valencia will add over 130 square feet of defined outdoor living space. This unit adds cover to any background setting, while providing style, function and comfort for years to come. The Valencia's cylindrical posts are aluminum, while the upper canopy's support is both aluminum and steel. Both are powder coated to resist corrosion and be rust-free. The canopy is made by the Glen Raven Company of North Carolina and is made up of all-weathers umbrella fabric in canvas rust color, which is UV-protected, weather-resistant, and has reinforced pockets where it attaches to the framework. The canopy top section is an added design element and is made for wind escapement. Assembly of the gazebo is relatively simple. It comes with an anchoring kit if you'd like to place it on your lawn and pre-drilled holes and hardware if you want to bolt it to your deck or concrete slab. It's possible to assemble the gazebo in the afternoon and then dine under it at night. Turn your home into a vacation paradise with the Valencia Gazebo.