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Video: Elkay

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Elkay: watch this video featuring products available on


Elkay: watch this video featuring products available on

So you're thinking about a new sink for your kitchen. You've come to the right place. Welcome to the Elkay Difference. [MUSIC PLAYING] Think about the amount of time you or another family members spends at the kitchen sink. It can be a big number when you consider all the tasks that get handled at the sink, like washing, rinsing, cleaning, food preparation, and more. When you have the opportunity to upgrade your sink and faucet spaces, think of the occasion at a way to add time saving comfort inspired companions to the way that daily duties get done. So what makes the Elkay sink experience that much better? And we're glad you asked. Elkay sinks are formed using heavy duty stainless steel, which features a lustrous long-lasting finish with high capacity bowels and sound dampening built-in. As America's number one selling stainless steel sink brand, we have a solid history in providing sinks for great American homes. Stainless steel is a timeless perennial favorite. The neutral color value and enduring strength makes stainless steel a wise investments. Elkay stainless steel sink finishes set the standard for durability designed for a lifetime of use. Made of thick 18 gauge stainless steel, your new Elkay is extremely durable. And as beautiful on day 1,000 as on day one. Elkay sink bowels are a large capacity and provide temp resistance for delicate items placed in the bottom. And the Aqua Divide model provides a lowered center divider for cleaning cookie sheets or accommodating pot handles. We know you're busy. Thanks for taking time to rethink your new sink today. Like your family, the Elkay family has values and traditions that endure standing the test of time. For almost a century, Elkay has been an American owned company. providing thousands of jobs to support our families and communities. Feel good about your new Elkay sink purchase. [MUSIC PLAYING]