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Video: Rhino Epoxy Flooring

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Rhino Epoxy Flooring

Length: 1:15 Added: Apr-2 Views: 1330

Rhino Epoxy Flooring: watch this video featuring products available on


Rhino Epoxy Flooring: watch this video featuring products available on

Reality check. Years of wear and tear have taken a toll on the old garage floor. Your garage ain't the talk of the block, but it will be. It's time for a revamp. Introducing the Rhino Linings Commercial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating, brought you by an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in epoxy coatings. This flooring is made for heavy duty protection and coverage, and looks like a showroom floor once complete. In a nutshell, we've installed enough flooring to know how to get the job done. Easy to apply, simple to clean, water and chemical resistant, eco-friendly, quick dry time. Looking for a custom look? We've teamed up with NewAge Products to match our colors to their heavy-duty garage cabinetry. In need of application tools? Forget going from one store to the next, as our kit contains all the basics to get you started. Need something to prep your floor? We've even included a citric acid cleaning solution. Love that speckled look? Our floor coatings come with 50% flake coverage. Way more than the other guy offers. Don't stop with just the garage. Rhino's epoxy coatings work great in basements, laundry rooms, patios, and other areas with heavy-duty traffic. Rhino Linings Commercial Grade Epoxy Coatings, from a brand you trust.