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Video: Elegant Cheesecakes

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Elegant Cheesecakes

Length: 9:11 Added: Oct-23 Views: 6054

View this video featuring the Costco - Elegant Cheese Cakes product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco - Elegant Cheese Cakes product and shop other similar products on

Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind cakes is what made Elegant Cheesecakes the talk of the party. There's one called Circular Love, and it's just really pretty. It's dark chocolate-- and there's something about dark chocolate-- and then when you add gold to it, and the contrast of that. Susan Morgan's Half Moon Bay business is booming. Looking at these sophisticated creations, you would never know that she has no formal culinary training. I did my sister's wedding cake. It was really delicious, and everybody went nuts. And I thought, oh, what a great idea. Cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts in America. I thought, why don't we take this to the next step? And other than just doing round cakes, we've kind of signatured the look of doing square cakes and enveloping them in chocolate into packages. When you walk into the room and you have this cake enveloped with chocolate, there's just this beautiful aroma. Susan works with clients to create an original design each and every time. With over 20 flavors of gourmet cheesecake and traditional cake, there's sure to be something to please your palate. There was a little gal that came to us and she-- it was her sister that wanted to do something special for her birthday. And she loved Juicy bags, and she loved her car, and her cell phone, and her lipstick. So we put together a really foxy Juicy bag for her and it was like the hit of the party, and since then, I've done oodles of Juicy bags. But we had a couple-- an Italian couple-- come, so I said, well, let's do the Leaning Tower of Pisa with spaghetti coming out of the windows or something. We ended up with no spaghetti, but we ended up doing flowers coming out. MTV's Sweet 16 called for a designer cheesecake. We did stacks of packages. We had designer handbags, suitcases, and then out of it was a bag on the top that had-- she got a BMW for her birthday-- and so all the elements of it, and also an Eiffel Tower popped out of the handbag. Susan had her creative juices flowing and personally designed a cake for me. Aren't I lucky? Liam, we thought, OK, he's a traveling guy. So we took a casual shirt and we constructed this beautiful cake. It's carved as a fun, San Francisco-themed shirt, and we wanted to bring in the elements of the city, of the Bay Area, and also where he works, and Eye on the Bay. And then, to kind of set it off a little more interesting, we thought, oh, well, he found this at Baker's Beach, so now we have edible sand, which is sugar, and that is where this-- the shirt is nestled in sand, and basically he could find that it there and scoop it up and then take it back and eat it. Liam wear at its finest. Elegant Cheesecakes, Susan, you rock. I feel really bad cutting into this because this is-- quite frankly, it's a work of art. Now, I'm going to cut into the shoulder. I've eaten shoulder of lamb, but never shoulder of cake, so we'll see how this tastes. That is very good. Shoulder of cake. Everyone should have a piece. Come on, dive in! [NO SPEECH]