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Video: What is Caviar

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What is Caviar

Length: 2:03 Added: Oct-26 Views: 51055

View this video featuring the Costco - Farmed Caviar 2-pack product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco - Farmed Caviar 2-pack product and shop other similar products on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Chef, you've asked a lot of good questions about caviar. Let's spend a minute and demystify it. That's great. We get a tremendous amount of questions about color and size. One of the main questions that I get is what is caviar? Great question. Genuine caviar only comes from sturgeon. So then tell me about all the different colors and sizes in green and orange and yellow. Let's take a look at an example. Here we have Plaza Trout caviar, and as we open this up, we notice a very vibrant orange, almost translucent color, large bead size. Very different than the other caviar, as we see here. But now, that says caviar. It does because, as you see on the label, the name of the fish precedes caviar. So, then you can have caviar as a process, but using a different fish. Correct. So, then salmon and trout, lumpfish, all of those things that you see in the marketplace-- those are caviar method with different fish. Correct. As long as the name of the fish precedes the word caviar, they're legally allowed to call it, per se, salmon caviar. Now, this looks like something completely different that you have in front of here. What is this? Correct. Here is the four types that we feature on They're all genuine caviars. So, then these are all genuine caviars-- Correct. --but you can see there's different colors. We have Osetra, farmed in the Black Sea. We have Siberian sturgeon, farmed in Germany. We have Plaza Royale and a Classic, our two grades of white sturgeon farmed here, domestically, in California. Again, genuine sturgeons. Wow, these genuine caviars look fantastic, and this is certainly something that we could start a meal with, be a part of a meal. They just look great. And you'll always have the comfort when you buy from with knowing only genuine surgeon makes it to your plate. That's fantastic. I'm certainly going to take some of these home with me. [MUSIC PLAYING]