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Video: Roland BA-55 Amplifier

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Roland BA-55 Amplifier

Length: 1:34 Added: Apr-12 Views: 324

View this video featuring the Costco product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco product and shop other similar products on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Roland BA-55 brings a whole new meaning to the term portable sound. It is a truly, self-contained stereo portable PA system that can be used anywhere, for anything. Not only can it run on batteries, but built right in is a digital wireless system, complete with a microphone, so anyone can use it immediately, without being tethered to a cord, or having to buy any additional gear. If one mic isn't enough, you can get a second wireless mic, and use two mics at the same time. The BA-55 can be mono or stereo, and has a special feature that automatically switches it from mono to stereo depending on how it's set up. Mono is great for presentations, or speeches, while stereo is great for audio playback from an MP3 player, or live music. The BA-55 comes with a full set of pro features, such as EQ, and echo effect for pro sounding vocals, which you can control wirelessly from the mic, three channels, automatic anti-feedback, and several kinds of inputs, and outputs for connecting virtually any sound source. For convenience, there's a storage space for the wireless mic and other accessories, and a unique chime feature that's just the thing for getting your audience's attention. With all these unique features, the Roland BA-55 is a whole new way to take your sound anywhere at any time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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