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Video: Amana APN12HJ Installation Video

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Amana APN12HJ Installation Video

Length: 2:30 Added: Apr-12 Views: 4354

Amana APN12HJ Installation Video: watch this video featuring products available on


Amana APN12HJ Installation Video: watch this video featuring products available on

Amana portable air conditioners consume less energy than the typical window unit and offer flexibility, simple installation, and quiet operation. Fully directional casters make for easy mobility. The unit can be easily rolled over to an office, garage, or even the kitchen. The front control panel and remote control include the same essential functions. Each has a power on/off button, temperature, and time up and down, speed adjustment, timer setting, and mode button for selecting between the cool, fan, heat, and dehumidify functions. The remote control has the added feature of Braille text and is always easy to find when stored on the side of the unit. Placing the remote against the unit secures it magnetically. Maintenance is easy, with a slide-out washable filter, and the auto-evaporation feature makes daily draining unnecessary. This Amana portable air conditioner can be installed in any room with a standard 115 volt outlet and access to a window. Use the included Easy Install Window Kit to exhaust the AC through any horizontal or vertical opening window. First, adjust the plastic panel to the width or height of the window. Secure, then push the window panel adapter through the back of the panel and tighten the screws. Insert the hose connector into the exhaust and move the unit to the window. Fasten together. Use only a properly grounded outlet for a three-pronged grounded plug-- no extension cords or adapters. This Amana portable air conditioner features fan, cooling, and dehumidify modes to create a comfortable interior climate all year long, as well as a heat mode for supplemental warmth during colder months. For customer service and additional information, call Haier America toll-free at 1-888-842-2440 and refer to your owner's manual. Limited warranty, one year parts and labor, five years compressor.