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Video: Galileo CT-1380 Telescope

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Galileo CT-1380 Telescope

Length: 2:08 Added: Nov-17 Views: 16979

Galileo CT-1380 Telescope: watch this video featuring products available on


Galileo CT-1380 Telescope: watch this video featuring products available on

Hi, I'm Dave Greek, Sporting Goods Buyer for, and today, I want to share with you an exciting item designed specifically for and our valued members. The Galileo CT-1380 telescope is a sophisticated but easy to use instrument that will give families with beginners to experienced astronomers hours of enjoyment. It is lightweight, fully adjustable, and almost totally preassembled. The heavy duty tripod, equipped with non-slip tensioners, allows for setup on uneven surfaces. Assembly is quickly completed by placing the telescope upon the tripod using the simple connecting knob and attaching the accessory tray. The CT-1380 was designed with a catadioptric system, which is a combination of specifically shaped mirrors and working lenses for improved overall viewing strength. Use the mars-eye electronic finder to pinpoint distant objects easily. Utilizing the super glide altitude azimuth mount and the dual counterbalance weights, you can locate your point of reference and maintain the positioning. Slowly search the galaxy using the slow motion control knobs, making for easy tracking of your target. The 6 millimeter and 20 millimeter eyepieces allow the viewer to see 350 times better than what Galileo was able to see when he first peered into the heavens. As an added bonus for Costco members, the CT-1380 comes with a giant 32 millimeter, 2 inch eyepiece that broadens the field of vision and increases viewing clarity. As a road map to the stars, we have included the Galileo planetarium CD-ROM. You can not only find out where a particular star is today, but you can also see where it will be located in the future. 2009 marked the International Year of Astronomy-- a global celebration recognizing the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's first astronomical observations. With the use of this telescope, you too will be able to experience the same thrill that Galileo must have had as he peered through his rudimentary telescope. I'm Dave Greek, this is the Galileo CT-1380 telescope.