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Video: Newage 24ga Garage Cabinet

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Newage 24ga Garage Cabinet

Length: 1:19 Added: May-7 Views: 37772

Newage 24ga Garage Cabinet: watch this video featuring products available on


Newage 24ga Garage Cabinet: watch this video featuring products available on

All right, odds are your garage is a complete mess. You want good quality storage, but something that doesn't break the bank, either. You're handy, but wouldn't mind something that's already put together for you. Check this. NewAge Bold Welded Cabinets give you a functional solution that makes a statement in your garage. These cabinets come fully welded, so there's no need for nuts and bolts for assembly. Create that flush look with a quick installation. Now, we don't want to sacrifice style or durability, so these cabinets are equipped with modern chrome trim and a powder-coated paint finish. They come in various colors, so you can fully customize your look. Don't forget, these cabinets are fully lockable, have adjustable leveling legs, magnetic door latches, and ball bearing slides that give you the best bang for your buck. Stash your big and bulky stuff in our 18-inch deep lockers, keep your quick-grab items in our 16-inch deep-base cabinet and tool drawers, and get your stuff up and out of the way with our 12-inch deep walls. Finish that look with a durable red oak top that gives you the heavy duty workspace you've always wanted. Impressed yet? Let's recap. Lockable storage. Quick installation. Sleek design. Fully assembled. All metal. Big mess? No problem. NewAge Bold Welded Cabinets.