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Video: BlueAir Air Purifiers

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BlueAir Air Purifiers

Length: 3:41 Added: Jan-15 Views: 46714

BlueAir Air Purifiers: watch this video featuring products available on


BlueAir Air Purifiers: watch this video featuring products available on

At Blueair our team of engineers and designers decided to do something about indoor air quality. Making a commitment to provide only superior technology, design, and innovation. Making a commitment to deliver clean air to your home. The result? The Blueair Air Purifier with HEPASilent technology, which delivers more clean air at a faster rate with less noise than any other air purifier on the market. The indoor air we breathe is anything but clean. And with so many air purifiers on the market, choosing one is anything but easy. What do you want your air purifier to do for you? Most agree an air purifier should move large volumes of air at high levels of performance and energy efficiency without making a sound. Before Blueair, no single system could fulfill all of these criteria. Choices we're limited to systems that use either electrostatic or filter technologies. Air purifiers with only electrostatic technology may be quite but don't clean a high volume of air. Washing collections plates may spare some expense but won't compensate for the lack of performance. Air purifiers with only filter technology provide performance but they drain too much energy and they're loud. For these systems to work noisy fans must force air through dense filters. The Blueair Air Purifiers combine the best of both electrostatic and filter technologies in one unique patented HEPASilent system. Blueair Air Purifiers draw in air using an ultra quite fan. Airborne particles enter an ion chamber where they pick up an electrical charge. This electrical charge allows the particles to be trapped more efficiently by the fibers in our patented three stage progressive filters. Most filters in other purifiers are dense and consist of the same size fiber throughout, inhabiting airflow and clogging the surface layer of the filter. The Blueair three stage progressive filters have millions of ultra thin fibers in three different sizes. Stage one captures larger particles like pollen and dust. And stages two and three filter out the smaller particles like cigarette smoke and exhaust. By removing particles in stages, Blueair filters resist loading and clogging, allowing air to move more quickly through the filter. It's like having three filters in one. Since our filters don't have to be as dense as regular HEPA filters, the HEPASilent system works with less force, which means high performance, energy efficiency, and no noise. By combining the best of electrostatic and filter technologies, Blueair Air Purifiers deliver clean air and more of it. Independent tests show that Blueair Air Purifiers achieve the highest rated clean air delivery rates of 170 units tested. Choosing an air purifier for your family is an important responsibility. With unique patented technology, sleek Swedish design, and proven performance Blueair Air Purifiers deliver more clean air at a faster rate with less noise than any other air purifier on the market today.