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Video: Kanto 37" - 80" Full Motion Articulating Mount

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Kanto 37" - 80" Full Motion Articulating Mount

Length: 3:46 Added: May-14 Views: 950

Kanto 37' - 80' Full Motion Articulating Mount - Extends 3.8' to 28' from Wall Supports up to 150 lbs. -


Kanto 37' - 80' Full Motion Articulating Mount - Extends 3.8' to 28' from Wall Supports up to 150 lbs. -

This video will demonstrate the installation of an FMX3 by Kanto AV Systems, a full-motion mount for TVs up to 70 inches. Remove the safety screws to allow the TV brackets to slide onto the H assembly. Loosen off the TV bracket screws to allow the captive to slide through the H assembly bar like so. Repeat for both TV bracket arms. Insert the safety screws back into the H assembly. The TV bracket arms should run smoothly inside the H assembly bars. The wall plate is designed to fit up to 24-inch stud spacing. Or, in a normal 16-inch spacing, you could offset the wall plate left to right, giving you the flexibility to position your TV where you want it. Using a stud finder, locate the center of the first stud, then locate the second stud. After marking the centers of each stud, make sure they are level. Drill both pilot holes into the stud. Use the lag bolt to attach the wall mount to the first stud without fully tightening it. Rotate the mount to meet the second hole. Install the second lag bolt. Tighten the lag bolts until the wall plate is snug against the wall. The wall plate can be used as a template. Verify the centers of the stud again for the remaining holes. Or you can use the paper template provided. Drill the bottom holes on both sides. Then insert the remaining lag bolts. With the heavy duty wishbone arms, the FMX3 will support TVs up to 70 inches in size. Using the screws and washers provided, attach the H assembly to the back of the TV. Here is where you now tighten the TV bracket screws to the captives at all four points to prevent lateral movement. Insert the top two screw mounts and washers halfway into the whole like so. Using two people, lift and attach the TV to the mount headplate. Tighten the mount screws. And add the final two mount screws. Tilting is achieved using the tilt arms easily accessible behind the TV. A rotation adjustment is available should you need it. This pre-assembled mount allows for your TV to extend over 28 inches from the wall, offering a wide range of viewing positions.