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Video: BOSS eBand JS-8 Video

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BOSS eBand JS-8 Video

Length: 6:40 Added: May-25 Views: 3169

View this video featuring the Costco - BOSS eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Effects product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco - BOSS eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Effects product and shop other similar products on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, everyone. This is Gary Lenaire. Today we're talking about the Boss eBand. The Boss eBand is a new concept in guitar processors. It incorporates a sophisticated audio playback system so you can play your own music files, a powerful guitar processor, and some slick DSP to manipulate the audio in many ways, like speed it up or slow it down with or without changing the key. It can record what you play and is a USB audio interface so you can move audio to and from your computer. These simple controls are all you need to get around the eBand. Let's get our hands on them to show you what they can do. [MUSIC PLAYING] The eBand comes with 300 built-in audio loops in many musical styles so you don't have to import audio to start jamming with the eBand. You can, of course, to play along with your own favorite music but right now let's use what's on board just to get going. You can find the loops in the song list. So to access them, let's press the song list button. When you do this, the song list comes up in the display. To select a song or loop from the list, just turn this dial and press Enter to select any of the loops on board. To play the loop, press play. You can adjust the volume with the master level knob. When you select a loop, the eBand automatically picks the sound from the effect processor that works with the loop you've chosen. The display shows the name here. To play along, just plug in your guitar, turn up the guitar level knob and go. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you want to tune up, press the tuner button. When you're done, press it again. [MUSIC PLAYING] The eBand has the ability to manipulate audio in various ways. You can speed it up, slow it down, change the key for practicing in other keys, fine tune up or down for playing to music that was recorded slightly faster or slower, and use the advanced center cancel function to remove parts of audio, like the lead vocal or guitar solo so you can add the part yourself. Let's get into hands on mode and see how to use these functions. The speed and other controls are under the heading Phrase Trainer on the eBand. If you're playing a loop and press Speed, the display will show the speed functions and the loop will automatically go down to 75% of normal speed. To change the speed, turn the dial. If you want to change the key, you press the right cursor button and the pitch display will appear. You can now turn the dial to change the key in semitones. If you want to alter the pitch in very small increments, such as to get in tune with the recording that was detuned in the studio, move the cursor to Fine and turn the dial to move the pitch up or down in one cent increments. The eBand has an advanced center cancel function that can remove all or part of what is panned in the stereo field in a recording. This is good for learning a part in a song by taking it out and playing it yourself. It's also fun to take out a part and join the band by playing along. You can move the center cancel function around in the stereo field and in the frequency range to dial in the part you want to take out. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Boss eBand has a powerful multi-effects processor based on the famous boss GT-10. You can use it as an independent effects processor or to set up sounds for playing to audio. It has 100 programs and tons of amp models and effects so you can get the sound you want. When you use the eBands included loops, the eBand will automatically select an appropriate effect to match the sound of the loop. If you want, you can pick a different one. Pressing the effects button gets you into the entire effects section. If you want to pick a different effects set up, just press the right cursor button. Select a basic type of sound, then cursor right again and turn the dial to pick the effects set up within the category. Of course, you can also edit the eBands effects. There are two levels of editing, easy edit and full editing each effect. Easy edit it is exactly that. It's really easy. Even though you are only moving a cursor on a simple grid on the screen, many parameters are being adjusted automatically to help guide you to the sound you want. Here's how to do it. Press the right cursor button to get to the easy edit screen. To change the drive characteristics, use the cursor buttons and the dial to move the cursor around the grid. You'll be able to hear the sound change as you do this. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you've got the drive sound, then cursor right to the effects screen. This is where you can adjust the effects like delay, reverb, or others. It works the same way. Just move the cursor around the grid to get the sound you want. When you're done, you can save the sound by pressing Enter to get to the save screen. The other way to edit effects is to go into each one and tweak its parameters. Let's start from the beginning so you can see the whole procedure. First press Effect, then press the right button to get to the screen called Patch Edit. Once you get to this screen, you can press the cursor buttons to select the effect you want to edit. Then you press Enter to get to its parameters. Use the dial to adjust the parameters. This way you can access every parameter in the eBand and dial in the exact tone you want. [MUSIC PLAYING] These are the basic functions of the eBand. There are many more, such as recording, importing files, organizing favorites, and much more. But using these advanced functions are not any more complex than the simple procedures you've already seen. If you already have an eBand and have questions about it, you can contact the Boss product support department by phone at 323-890-3740 or by email at