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Video: Pentax K-30 Weatherproof DSLR Camera

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Pentax K-30 Weatherproof DSLR Camera

Length: 3:33 Added: Jun-28 Views: 637

When you're shooting with the PENTAX K-30, there's no need to come in out of the rain. Or the snow, for that matter.


When you're shooting with the PENTAX K-30, there's no need to come in out of the rain. Or the snow, for that matter.

The Pentax K-30 is an advanced digital SLR camera at an extremely affordable price that incorporates many features only found in high end cameras in a compact, durable, weather resistant body. Full weather sealing throughout the entire body ensures worry-free use in any weather condition from sub-freezing, wet, snowy environments to dry, dusty, or sandy climates. The K-30 body features comfortable ergonomics, such as a deep grip, oversized buttons, and concave four-way controller for streamlined intuitive operation. The large 3-inch LCD with brightness and color adjustment features 921,000 dots of resolution for easy capture and review of images and video. Additionally, a low profile glass pentaprism viewfinder achieves a 100% optical field of view for framing accuracy. The 16 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor combined with the Pentax Prime-M Image Engine and advanced Safox IX i+ auto focus with light source detection sensor, strike the perfect balance between resolution and image quality. In addition, a highly accurate 77 Segment Metering System produces beautifully exposed images and video, even in complex lighting situations. Beyond still photography, the Prime-M Image processing engine is specially optimized for full 1080P video capture with flexible exposure control and HDR finishing options for stunning video quality. Focus is also fast and easy with focus peaking during live view that highlights objects in focus for accurate manual focus acquisition or precise auto focus acquisition. The K-30 also features efficient H.264 compression for high quality playback of high definition video. Freeze the action with fast six frames per second continuous shooting and 1/6000 of a second maximum shutter speed. Or capture low light scenes with very little noise at ISO speeds up to 25,600. Flexible shooting modes include Pentax sensitivity priority and shutter and aperture priority for outstanding flexibility. And the K-30 features Pentax Hyper program and manual modes for rapid, accurate mode shifting. A powerful In-Camera HDR mode features multiple exposure bracket and blending options to bring out the detail in wide gamut still imaging. Also, the programmable front and rear electronic dials enable rapid no-look setting changes. Pentax sensor shift shake and dust reduction technologies insure sharp, stabilized, dust-free imaging with any K-Mount lens for both still image and video capture. Never run out of power. The K-30 is compatible with both rechargeable lithium ion and AA batteries. The optional AA battery adapter holds four AA batteries, providing plentiful power at home or while on the road. And since AA batteries can be found the world over, you'll never find yourself without access to ready energy. The Pentax K-30, finally a feature-rich digital SLR that remains compact, easy to use, and affordable.