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Video: Dolica ZX600B103 Proline 60" Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Dolica ZX600B103 Proline 60" Carbon Fiber Tripod

Length: 4:39 Added: Jul-17 Views: 20892

Watch this video featuring the Costco - Dolica ZX600B103 Proline 60' Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head product and shop other products on


Watch this video featuring the Costco - Dolica ZX600B103 Proline 60' Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head product and shop other products on

Hi. My name is Brian. I'm with Dolica. I'm here to talk about the ZX600B103. The Dolica ZX600B103 is our Carbon Fiber Series tripod. It extends out to a full 60 inches, and compresses down to 21 inches. At only three and a half pounds, this tripod is very light for travel, and as well for heavy duty operations. I'm going to go more into detail about the tripod itself. The Dolica ZX600B300 has many features of professional photographer and amateur photographer. Features such as carbon fiber legs, multi-angle leg locks, extended center column are just a few of the many features the Dolica ZX600B103 has. Some of the features that the Dolica ZX600B103 has is carbon fiber legs. Our carbon fiber legs are an eight-layer structure, excellent for photography And some of the virtues of carbon fiber would be its resistance to bending, vibration, and its light-weightedness. The Dolica carbon fiber legs are a four structure, four-leg structure, that extend up to, again, 60 inches when fully extended with the center column. The Dolica Carbon Fiber Tripod ZX600B103 has many features, and here are just a few. Our Dolica Carbon Tripod has an excellent feature in its legs. It uses a one-handed motion to open and close the legs. Very easy and convenient. Compared to other tripods, where you have to individually open each leg, our legs can be opened in one switch motion, because the leg locks are a short throw to open and close. Another feature that's great moving from up the legs is our foam grips, which are both convenient for comfort, as well as keeping your hands on cold days. Moving up from the tripod, we have the center of the tripod, which includes a nice compass, as well as bubble level to ensure that your tripod is nice and level when you take shots. From there, you move up to the center column. The center column raises an extra 16 inches, which allows you to get that extra height, and it's locked with the center column lock. On the bottom of the center column is a weighted hook. And the weighted hook is great for making added stability on your tripod on windy days. Our Dolica Carbon Fiber Tripod has an excellent feature when requiring stabilizing a tripod at different angles. Our tripd has a three-level leg lock system that has three different levels, where you can lock the legs to ensure that you get the right level on steady services. Moving up from the center column, we go into our classic ball head design. Our ball head design is great, because it uses many of the features that many pros like to use when shooting with tripod. Such features as an individual lock for the pan and the tilt. And our pan is great, because it has a nice fluid motion moving left to right. And then to ensure that your tripod doesn't fall, we included a safety lock on a quick release plate, that's really easy to use. You just have to depress the plate, or the lock, in order to remove it quickly state, and then from there, the tripod locks easily with the lock knob. Some advanced features of a tripod that I'll go in another video will include our reversible center column photography, which is great for low-angle. Basically, it's a feature, where you can shoot from all angles by reversing the ball head, on the opposite side of the center column, and allows you to get some great low angle shots. Finally, with every Dolica tripod is included, be nice, in my own case. And in this case, it's padded. And it also includes an interior pocket which holds the manual, and as well as some [INAUDIBLE] keys to help making sure that your tripod is nice and tight. For more information, please visit Thank you.