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Video: Broxton Dining Chair

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Broxton Dining Chair

Length: 1:06 Added: Jul-31 Views: 1703

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Update your dining table or any environment with these dashing chairs, which add fashion and flair to any room in just mere minutes. The elegant tufting and hand-sewn buttons suggest sophistication and panache, while the clean lines and stylish features compliment the supple bonded leather or linen upholstery with the espresso stained legs. Crafted in our finest natural linen or bonded espresso brown leather, with a unique roll top, they quickly and easily add a warm ambiance to any space. This elegant yet simple design provides the simple sophistication that these chairs exude from top to bottom. These beautiful chairs measure 21.25 inches wide by 27.75 inches deep and 37.2 inches high. We are confident that this chair will add a modern element of stylish luxury, while retaining flexibility and comfort and old world class to any environment, along with a variety of uses and durability.