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Video: Kanto 37" - 80" Full Motion Articulating Mount

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Kanto 37" - 80" Full Motion Articulating Mount

Length: 4:25 Added: Aug-1 Views: 3921

The Kanto full motion FMX3 is a very versatile articulating mount for 37' to 80' flat panel TVs.


The Kanto full motion FMX3 is a very versatile articulating mount for 37' to 80' flat panel TVs.

[MUSIC PLAYING] This video will demonstrate the installation of an FMX3 full-motion flat-panel mount by Kanto AV systems. With the heavy-duty wishbone arms the FMX3 will support TVs from 37 to 80 inches and support up to 150 pounds. Included in the box are all the components you need to install this mount. In addition to these, you'll need some tools. Please refer to the manual to see exactly what tools you'll need. If you have any questions about installation or parts, please contact us at 1-888-848-2643. Assemble the TV plate using the components included in the box. At the end of the H-bracket assembly arms, you'll see a locking screw. Unscrew these and put them aside. Slide the TV mounting arms on to the H-assembly. Replace the locking screws into the appropriate position. Repeat the process for the other end of the H-assembly. Ensure the H-assembly matches up to the whole pattern on the back of your TV. Take a screw, lock washer, and square washer and with an assistant helping you, mount the assembled section on to the back of the TV. When you secure the screws into the back of the TV, make sure you don't over-tighten them. Insert the top two mount screws and washers into the H-assembly. These screws should only be screwed halfway in as they will be hooked on to the tilt plate head during TV installation. Using a stud finder, locate the center of the first stud, then locate the second stud. After marking the centers of each stud, make sure they are level. Drill pilot holes into each stud. Thread the supplied washers onto each of the four lug bolts. The wall plate is heavy so have an assistant hold it in position while you insert these lug bolts. The wall plate can be used as a template. Verify the center of the stud again, drill the bottom two pilot holes. Insert and tighten the lug bolts until snug. Make sure the washers are pulled out from the plate before mounting the TV. With an assistant, lift the TV and mount the TV onto the wall plate. Screw in the mount screws and lock them in position using the Allen key provided. Then insert the bottom two mount screws, secure. The FMX3 can tilt plus or minus 15 degrees. Tilt the TV into the desired position and using the levers on the tilt head, secure your TV. The arms of the FMX3 have a cable management system that can be moved as required. Insert your cables into the system and plug into the TV. Fully compressed, the FMX3 is less than four inches from the wall. Fully extended, it gives you a range of 28 inches from the wall. Thank you for buying one of our mounts. To learn more about our mounts or our company, please visit us at