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Video: Smarter Tools 9500W Generator

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Smarter Tools 9500W Generator

Length: 1:27 Added: Aug-13 Views: 40130

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Rick here with Smarter Tools, introducing to you the Smarter Tools 9500EB portable gasoline generator. This Smarter Tools generator offers both best-in-class performance and best-in-class price. It's the perfect generator for the contractor. Bring this workhorse to the job site when you need to power multiple tools at once, increasing efficiency and productivity. When the power's out at home, easily power multiple essential appliances with this more than capable unit. Recreational use, you can power your cabin or your entire RV. You will have years of hassle-free service with this strong and reliable, 420cc, overhead-valve, four-stroke, Honda-based engine design, featuring a cast iron sleeve and low-oil shut down for a long engine life. With our quiet design muffler with spark arrest, you have only a 73-decibel noise level. Our seven-gallon pressurized tank with fuel gauge offers a 10-hour runtime at a 50% load. This unit features a keyed electric start, plus a digital hour, volt, and hertz meter to keep you aware of maintenance schedules and power output. The Smarter Tools GP-9500EB is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty, thousands of service locations nationwide, and toll-free technical support. It's available now. Don't work harder, work smarter. Smarter Tools.