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Video: Daewoo Laundry Suite 4.2 CuFt Washer 7.3 CuFt Dryer

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Daewoo Laundry Suite 4.2 CuFt Washer 7.3 CuFt Dryer

Length: 2:12 Added: Aug-17 Views: 1553

Daewoo Laundry Suite


Daewoo Laundry Suite

Hello, my name is Jonathan [? Merritt, ?] and I'm with Daewoo Electronics. I'm here today to talk to you about Daewoo's intermediate-level smart-washing and drying system machines. These machines have what is a smart washing system and a smart drying system, where the smart washing system makes it very user and consumer friendly. A user will simply throw a load of clothes into the drum and turn the unit on, and it will automatically determine the amount of time and water needed to wash that specific load. The dryer will also do the same, where you could throw any wet load into the dryer drum, and it will automatically determine the amount of time needed to dry that specific load. Both the washer and dryer have 11 cycles. You may select any of the 11 cycles to wash your specific load. Both machines also have custom cycle, where you could select your own wash options and your own time and your own temperature in the water and use that cycle frequently as needed. One interesting cycle in the washer is also sanitary cycle. Sanitary cycle uses the internal heater in the washing machine to raise the temperature of the water to the proper temperature to kill any bacteria. Wrinkle care cycles are also another interesting cycle in the dryer that helps reduce the wrinkles in any drying load. As you can see, the control panels are LED and have a bunch of buzzers and beeps, making it very consumer friendly. Off, cycles, and features and benefits are clearly listed on the control panel. Vibration is reduced in both machines by the four-point dampering system that acts as a hydraulic for the drum. Both machines are also Energy Star and have an optional 15" pedestal that can be used to store any laundry products, towels, et cetera. And the pedestal also raises the machines to a convenient height for any user. Search no further when looking for a more convenient and user-friendly product than a Daewoo front load washer and dryer. Thank you for watching.