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Video: Valore Cascade 30" Range Hood

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Valore Cascade 30" Range Hood

Length: 0:58 Added: Aug-21 Views: 1728

The Valore Cascade under-cabinet range hoodâ


The Valore Cascade under-cabinet range hoodâ

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Valore Cascade range hood transitions seamlessly into even the most distinctive kitchens. The sleek design of Cascade easily installs under the most common kitchen cabinets and provides proficient ventilation for all your cooking needs. Cascade offers an exceptionally quiet 400 CFM motor to efficiently remove airborne particles and ease to use dual-level controls. Two high powered halogen lights are also included, which feature an ambient night light mode. Cascade's multi-layered aluminum filters are dishwasher safe and offer a well polished aesthetic. Additionally, an optional recirculation kit is available for deckless installations. With a low profile body, high quality construction, and excellent warranty, Cascade leaves a sharp impression as an integral piece to your kitchen.