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Video: Powerbag™ Business Class Backpack

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Powerbag™ Business Class Backpack

Length: 2:12 Added: Aug-27 Views: 545

Perfect for the conference room and the classroom, the Powerbagâ


Perfect for the conference room and the classroom, the Powerbagâ

This is Powerbag. It's a bag with a built in battery. It'll charge a variety of your different devices. It has a 6,000 milliamp removable battery that'll allow you to charge a smartphone about 4 times, as well as charge iPods, iPhone, iPad, a variety of different tablets, Bluetooth headsets, e-readers, and even more. Using your Powerbag is easy. This is how you get started. First, unzip the bag. Then take the provided battery and slide it into the battery cartridge. Once it snaps in, zip your bag back up. To check your bag's battery level, press the button once. In order to turn the bag on, press and hold the power button for two seconds. Every custom Powerbag gives you the ability to embroider your logo directly into the front of the bag using the anterior compartment that's specially designed to fit an embroidery hoop. Most custom Powerbags also feature a fly flap feature, which allows you to keep your laptop in the back of the bag, as well as separate the laptop compartment from the rest of the bag, and get through the airport hassle-free. Custom Powerbags feature a variety of different built in connectors, including this mini and micro USB connector that'll plug into Bluetooth headsets, e-readers, smartphones, and a variety of other devices, as well as an Apple connector which will plug into your iPod or iPhone. Every custom Powerbag also has a USB port that allows you to plug an iPad or a variety of other tablets directly into the charging system. To charge your Powerbag, open the water resistant DC cord and plug in the wall adapter. The LED indicators on the front of the bag will show you that the bag is charging. If you choose to, you can also charge the Powerbag battery outside of the bag by just plugging it into the bottom. Thanks for checking out Powerbag.