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Video: Colfax 48" Media Console

Colfax 48" Media Console » Entertainment - Furniture - Video Gallery
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Colfax 48" Media Console

Length: 1:08 Added: Nov-13 Views: 2412

Fast easy assembly.


Fast easy assembly.

Welcome to the world of Simple Connect, the no-tools-required assembly system. In less than a minute I'd like to share with you how simple it is to piece together this 48-inch TV stand. First, take the front panel of the stand and align both side panels. Then slide each side panel into the marked key slots of the front panel. Next, take the back panel and align the key slots with the corresponding side panels. The back panel easily secures itself when you push from the bottom up. Place the bottom panel into the unit by placing it onto the insert pins. The wooden dowels go into all the pre-drilled holes in the bottom shelf so that the divider panel fits snugly into place. You then insert each shelf pin into the pre-drilled holes on both sides of the divider panel. The top is simple to put in place and fits perfectly. Now just lay the adjustable shelves onto the pins. Next, take the top panel and secure with the insert pins. Finally, attach the door handles and you're finished. Congratulations. Your assembly is now complete.