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Video: Compospin Composter

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Compospin Composter

Length: 3:12 Added: Apr-7 Views: 42538

View this video featuring the Costco - Lenovo product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco - Lenovo product and shop other similar products on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The patented Compospin is revolutionizing the composting and gardening industry. It will cut down on compost preparation time, and it's a pleasure to use. The Compospin simple. It has a lid on the top. It locks and unlocks with just a quarter turn. It can be assembled in just 30 minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Household rubbish, biodegradable waste, and larger yard composting materials will all fit inside of the Compospin. Make sure that you cut the rubbish into small pieces to enable rapid decomposting. There is no need to add soil or water since the rubbish is moistened during the decomposting process. The dark color of the Compospin helps to increase the inner temperature, and will speed the decomposting process, even on cloudy days. The patented air-induction tubes circulate much needed air, and break up larger composting material inside of the Compospin. The air induction tube's thin, hollow center allows for vital air circulation to occur inside the Compospin. This will speed up the composting process. We recommend that you roll the composter to mix the content each time you add new material. The Compospin comes with an optional base, which allows you to roll the unit while it is stationary. This permits a more ergonomic, user-friendly experience. Once the Compospin has been loaded with composting material, the composting process comes to an end within four to six weeks. It's twin-wall construction makes it strong, fully insulated, and able to handle all weather conditions. Due to its design, the Compospin is very easy to move around. You can literally roll the Compospin to your gardening area, and empty it directly into your garden. [MUSIC PLAYING] Compospin, the perfect shape for the perfect compost. [MUSIC PLAYING]