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Video: Lifetime Tent Trailer

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Lifetime Tent Trailer

Length: 1:47 Added: Jun-24 Views: 126945

Lifetime Tent Trailer: watch this video featuring products available on


Lifetime Tent Trailer: watch this video featuring products available on

Whether you enjoy a rugged outdoor adventure or just need a little extra help hauling materials from your yard, the Lifetime Tent Trailer is designed to outfit your lifestyle. Converting from trailer to tent in less than eight minutes, the Lifetime Tent Trailer not only carries your gear for the great outdoors, it also provides a large, comfortable living space. The 600 denier heavy-duty polyester tent is weather-resistant and easy to set up. The Lifetime Tent has 2,000 millimeter waterproof coatings, and the rain fly has 3,000 millimeters coatings, whereas the typical tent has 500 to 1,000 millimeters coatings. The 95 square foot interior has three rooms with privacy curtain dividers. It features a seven foot ceiling, two comfortable full size beds, and seven large windows with heavy mesh screens, giving you the perfect place to relax when the playing is done. The versatility of the Lifetime Tent Trailer is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts. From hauling ATVs and motorcycles to canoes and kayaks, packing up your equipment and enjoying a weekend getaway has never been this easy. The tent folds into a weather-resistant, removable bag, which can easily be taken out to make a heavy-duty utility trailer. The sides of the trailer fold up, creating a 105 cubic foot trailer bed with high sides. And, with a powder coated steel frame and solid wood floorings, the Lifetime Trailer is durable, weather-resistant, and perfect for hauling those heavy loads. So, whether you're camping, fishing, or exploring the trails, the Lifetime Tent Trailer eases the stress of packing and planning a trip, changing the way you feel about escaping to the great outdoors. So, pack up your gear and enjoy a weekend adventure with the Lifetime Tent Trailer.