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Video: Q-See Observation System

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Q-See Observation System

Length: 1:19 Added: Jul-6 Views: 30555

Q-See 16Ch H.264 Real-Time Network DVR with 8 CMOS Cameras


Q-See 16Ch H.264 Real-Time Network DVR with 8 CMOS Cameras

I'm Nate Perrone, electronics buying staff for I'd like to tell you about the QC 16 channel eight camera observation system. Developed by the leader in H.264 surveillance technology, this QC bundle allows you to monitor your home or business worldwide. The video footage is recorded and retained in the pre-installed 500 gigabyte hard drive. Simply connect the DVR directly to your TV or VGA monitor and view all your cameras at once. This DVR has the added advantage of customizing your playback viewing with one, four, eight, or 16 cameras at the same time. Easily monitor and manage your system from anywhere in the world over the internet. Not at the computer? Use your smartphone to stream live digital video one camera at a time to your phone. For your convenience, three axis camera stands are included to enhance the mounting position of your camera and make the cable more difficult to vandalize. The 24 infrared LEDs in the camera allow visibility up to 40 feet in the dark. I'm Nate Perrone, and this QC 16 channel observation system is available at