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Video: Cannon Safe

Cannon Safe » Safes - Video Gallery
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Cannon Safe

Length: 1:50 Added: Jul-8 Views: 290340

Cannon Safe


Cannon Safe

Hi, I'm Mike Baker, Vice President of Cannon Safe. Since 1965, Cannon Safe has manufactured the highest quality safes at an affordable price. We've been the pioneers of many of the greatest advancements in the safe industry. Our safes are tough enough to carry the UL security label. Multiple layers of hardened steel in key areas protect from drilling into the internal locking mechanism. A one inch composite door, 10 times stronger than conventional plate doors, has a smooth functioning swing. Bolts are used to secure a door behind the body of the safe. Our unique hinge design allows the door to swing behind the body. This not only provides uncompromising security, but also a tighter seal, protecting against fire. Our new hammer tone gloss finish, fully adjustable lint-free interior, and dual outlet power box give functionality and beauty, all in an exceptional value. Cannon Safe offers a lifetime in-home warranty. If your safe is ever damaged in an attempted break-in, fire, or flood, we will send a technician to your home to inspect your safe. Minor repairs are made on site. If your safe is badly damaged, and cannot be quickly repaired in-home, we will get your safe open, send you a brand new safe, and pick up and haul away your old safe. All this, at zero cost to you. Your new Cannon safe will be delivered curbside, to the driveway of your specified address. The safe will be delivered on a lift gate truck, then taken off the truck by the delivery driver. At the time of delivery, you will inspect the safe for any damage to the item or the packaging. Then upon signing the proof of delivery receipt, your new Cannon safe will be ready to bring into your home. Thank you for considering a Cannon safe on And remember, nothing protects like a Cannon.

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