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Video: Hansgrohe Shower

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Hansgrohe Shower

Length: 1:08 Added: Jul-19 Views: 2222

Hansgrohe Monsoon Shower Combination Kit


Hansgrohe Monsoon Shower Combination Kit

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I'm Russ Kinney with Hansgrohe. I'd like to tell you about the monsoon shower combination kit. The stylish yet sturdy set includes both a six spray shower head with easy cleaning, no clog, silicon spray channels and a hand shower featuring six adjustable settings. The hand shower's connected using a 63-inch no kink hose to a three way diverted with a hand shower holder. The set is elegantly finished in polished chrome and is easily installed with no drilling required. What's more, with the use of the EcoRight setting, it makes the most out of the least amount of water. Demonstrating Hansgrohe's commitment to the environment and consumers pocket books. The advantage of the two in one shower system is that you get the benefit of a fixed shower head that provides a powerful full body shower. Plus the convenience of a hand shower that is great for bringing the spray closer for increased intensity and warmth. Enhancing the way you shower is our passion. So include a marvelous shower experience in your every day life. I'm Russ Kinney and the Hansgrohe monsoon shower kit is available at