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Video: The Toba Tranquility Pond Fountain

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The Toba Tranquility Pond Fountain

Length: 8:59 Added: Jul-26 Views: 1771

The Toba Tranquility Pond Fountain: watch this video featuring products available on


The Toba Tranquility Pond Fountain: watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] So you've invested in an absolutely beautiful pond, and you enjoy spending time taking in all that it offers during the day. You feel something is missing and want to spice up your backyard with a little something extra, a true transformation, without having to spend thousands of dollars to install, while turning your backyard into a construction zone. You just want to have something spectacular that wows guests, and helps you relax in your personal oasis. That's why Toba Fountains has developed the only remote controlled, self-contained, floating fountain on the market that requires no installation. Not only does it create a spectacular display of light and water, it takes only minutes to set up. The Tranquility Fountain for Ponds was designed to enhance your pond or water garden experience. Pond enthusiasts pride themselves on having a well-maintained pond that promotes a strong and healthy ecosystem. Toba Fountains developed this product to fit seamlessly into that environment, enhancing the oxygen levels and giving homeowners the ability to control how and when to place the unit into that environment, without adding costly installation charges. Whether you live in a moderate or extreme climate, the Tranquility Fountain for Ponds will fit seamlessly into your backyard. Koi lovers will enjoy how much their fish are attracted to fountains. The Tranquility Fountain for Ponds offers owners convenience, control, and a low cost. Convenience. No installation required and fully remote controlled. Three fountain head outlets on the unit. No other product can offer you multiple fountain head outlets. Automatically cycles through different spray patterns and lighting colors. The fountain has an automatic shut-off timer built into the unit, so you don't have to go back and turn your fountain off. Three removable filters allow for easy cleaning of algae and debris buildup. Noise free mechanics, and it creates dynamic sound effects with each spray style. And it's a snap to remove from the water in colder climates. No need to worry about the fountain freezing over, and having to pay costly fees to fix or replace the unit. Simply remove the fountain from the water in the winter months, and return it in the spring. Another unique advantage of the Toba Magic Fountain line is the control it will give pond owners. Pond owners will enjoy how easy the product is to operate using a long range remote control. The remote can function from 150 feet away, from indoors or outdoors. The Toba Magic Fountains Tranquility Fountain for Ponds will offer them the ability to create spray heights that reach as high as 10 feet tall, or as low as 2.5 feet tall. The volume on the remote is similar to the volume on your television set remote. Simply dial it up or down, and choose the spray height that works for you. Not only can you fully customize your fountain to your desires, you can also rest assured that when you turn your fountain on for your next viewing, your spray settings will automatically be remembered. Select the automatic mode, and the water displays and colors change automatically. Or easily set your favorite combination of light and water displays, and enjoy them continuously. Create up to 150 different combinations of light and water displays, using Toba Fountains accessories. Dress your fountain to fit the occasion with customized wreaths, and tropical or wildflower designs. If convenience and control were not enough, the low cost makes choosing the Toba Magic Fountain the only way to go. Other fountain lines force you to pay for lighting, fountain heads, and automatic shut off timer separately, making it virtually impossible to take advantage of the full effects of a fountain line. In addition, they will need to pay for installation. What started off as a great deal turns into a true nightmare as the costs keep adding up. The Toba Magic Fountain eliminates all of that, and puts the control back in the homeowner's hands. The Toba Magic Fountain is a true fountain in a box, and comes complete with everything you need to turn your backyard into a Las Vegas show. [MUSIC PLAYING] From the moment the fountain arrives at your home, you will be amazed at how simple set-up will be. Yes, the Toba Magic Fountain line makes transforming your backyard into a true oasis, possible within minutes, without the high costs associated with installation. Just look at some of the breathtaking and powerful displays you can create with your unit within minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Toba Magic Fountain provides you with the convenience to do it yourself, and transform your backyard into the paradise you have always dreamed of. For more information on our products, visit us at We look forward to bringing your pond to life. Congratulations, and thank you for purchasing the Toba Magic Fountain. This video was designed to help you through the installation process for your new product. The steps are very easy, and your new fountain will be ready to put on a show in just a few moments. Step one. Unpack your new fountain from the box. Step two. Place the fountain on the ground near the pond, and lay the power cord where you intend it to go, leading up to the power supply. Step three. Now choose a location for your weatherproof power supply, close to the pond area. Place your power supply 12 inches off of the ground, with the electronic pad facing down, using the installation screws. If you want to install the power supply on a wall, use the anchor also provided for you convenience. Step four. Plug the long fountain cord into the power supply receptacle, and paying careful attention to the positioning of the prongs on the plug, as an incorrect connection can cause the fuse to short. Secure the power cable with the cable tie provided. This will help to keep the cord from pulling out. Step five. Select three fountain heads, and install in the three outlet holes in the fountain. Press and rotate slightly to get a snug fit. Do not use excessive force. Step six. Open the battery compartment on the remote control, and install three AAA batteries. Replace the battery cover. Do not over tighten the screws. Note. The Toba Magic Fountain is designed to float freely in the water, such that the changes in water level do not affect the operation of the pump. Do not allow the water level to go below 12 inches in the area where the fountain is floating. Step seven. Make sure that all three filters are inserted into the slot in the lower part of the fountain. Do not operate the fountain without all three filters in place. This will keep the fountain heads and pump from getting clogged with dirt or algae. Depending on your water environment, make sure you check the filters periodically to rinse them off. Step eight. Plug the power supply cord to a power outlet. Turn on the power supply, and then turn on the power switch on the fountain. The green light should illuminate on the fountain control panel. If a red light comes on, refer to troubleshooting to diagnose the problem. Do not press the water or light switches. Step nine. Adjust the anchor and attach it to the bottom of the unit. [MUSIC PLAYING] Step ten. Attach the anchor locator into a standard skimmer pole. Step eleven. Position the fountain and anchor in the pond in the area you choose. [MUSIC PLAYING] Note. Do not use the power cable to keep the fountain located in the center of the pond. Constant pulling on the cable will damage the wires over time. Step eleven. Test the fountain by pushing the On button on the remote control. Be sure to spend time reading your instruction manual to learn all the functions of your remote control, the fountain modes, water height, lighting, and filter information. Now you can enjoy the full range of effects. Should you have any additional questions about your new Toba Magic Fountain, please contact our corporate office at 800-985-8622.