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Video: Barstools 720x405

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Barstools 720x405

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Barstools Buying Tips


Barstools Buying Tips

At we want to help you make the right choice with your bar stool purchase. There are several important considerations to keep in mind. First measure the height of the location in which you would like to use the bar stool. Measure from the floor to the top of the counter or bar. Typically, a bar is between 40 to 42 inches high. A bar stool of 28 to 30 inches would be best suited. A counter is typically 35 to 36 inches tall, and a counter height bar stool of 24 to 26 inches would be best suited. Look for the icon on each of our bar stools to find the right bar stool for your personal situation. In addition, we also have a selection of adjustable height bar stools that are versatile and beautiful enough to use in either application. Width is also a consideration. Add approximately six inches to the width of each stool for proper spacing. Whether you prefer the rich look and feel of leather seats, fabric, or the simplicity of wood, offers choices to suit everyone's taste. Bar stools with swivel seats have many advantages. They turn in either direction and save valuable space. Plus the added advantage of being easier on your floors because the base does not move when you get on or off the stool. Stationary bar stools are usually the most affordable because of their simplicity. Bar stools are available with or without backs. Backless bar stools can often tuck under the bar or counter when not in use, a great space saver. Bar stools with backs offer the added comfort of back support. Some bar stools require light assembly or come completely assembled. Check the item description for your specific bar stool to see if assembly is required. We hope this added information helps you make the right choice for your bar stool purchase on