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Video: 10 Shade Tracker Umbrella

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10 Shade Tracker Umbrella

Length: 0:46 Added: Aug-11 Views: 6734

10' Shade Tracker Umbrella


10' Shade Tracker Umbrella

The Shade Tracker 10-foot Offset Market Style Umbrella is so versatile it can handle the job of two umbrellas in one. It's sure to keep you in the shade at all times of the day. It has dual multi-angle adjustments to follow the rising or setting sun. It also comes with a sturdy powder coated pole, extension arms and ribs made from durable aluminum. Features include a chrome combination crank handle and push button to easily control the tilt function. This makes changing the umbrella from an offset style to a standard market style with tilt and easy feet. The umbrella canopy features durable Sunbrella fabric that can withstand the elements and that is easy to clean. The Shade Tracker 10-foot Umbrella is available in a variety of colors at