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Video: Trinity Tool Chest

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Trinity Tool Chest

Length: 1:16 Added: Sep-3 Views: 84515

TRINITY 41' Stainless Steel Tool Chest


TRINITY 41' Stainless Steel Tool Chest

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Michael Holley with, and I'd like to introduce you to the Trinity 41-inch Stainless Steel Tool Chest. Constructed with commercial grade stainless steel, the solid one piece backbone, reinforced steel frame, and stainless steel drawers, allow for a classy, high end design. Smooth, full extension drawer slides, rated at 100 pound capacity per pair, are attached to each drawer, ensuring years of trouble free use. Drawer liners are included for each drawer to help protect your investment. The double sided, internal camlock ensures your tools and belongings are safe and secure. Extra heavy duty inch and a quarter tubular stainless steel handles are featured on each side to provide a stable hand hold while moving the tool chest around. 4-inch locking casters each feature a 550 pound capacity. Hydraulic lifts assist in opening the top lid. Safety brackets bolt on the back of both the upper and lower chests, keeping them securely attached to one another. With its versatility, functionality, and high performance, this will be the last tool chest you ever need. I'm Michael Holley, and this is the Trinity 41-inch Stainless Steel Tool Chest available at

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